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 Application Procedure

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PostSubject: Application Procedure   Application Procedure Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 4:51 am

This will be a fairly lengthy process and I hope the amount of time that you will put into your application will anticipate the quality of time you put into our guild. In order to get an impression of you there are a few categories of information we require of you. You are free to answer these questions, or include more information, in any way you like (thinking of something creative is always appreciated!).

Once you have considered the questions below, please post your application on the application board.


How long have you played the character you are applying with? Tibia in general?
How often have you quit and/or changed worlds/characters?
What times in CET do you normally play tibia? (09:00 CET = server save)
How many hours do you usually play a week?
What are your favorite activities in Tibia?


Do you have any long-term goals that you are striving to achieve?
What do you hope to gain by joining Consilium?


Describe previous guilds you have been in, and your role/duties in these guilds.
List any players you have in your personal black book and the reasons why.
List any players that dislike you or hunt/have hunted you and the reasons why.
List characters that could serve as references for you (well known members in the community or Consilium members).

Story Time

Please write either a role-playing story involving your character you are applying with OR a short essay (of your choice) dealing with tibian topics (i.e. cheating, power gaming, tibian family life, wine or beer, etc).

Real Life

Please give us an idea of who is behind the character; rl age, rl occupation, etc. Also if you have been hacked in the past, please tell us the circumstances and what you have done to resolve the issue. If you have been banned in the past (on any character), explain why and the circumstances surrounding the ban.

By not answering truthfully to any of these questions, we may exclude you from the application process immediately or from the guild in the future.

- Xaydane Elamo
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Application Procedure
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